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Is it a crime scene or just a store checkout? Could be both. Marlith

After a data breach, it’s consumers left holding the bag

Shoppers have launched into the holiday buying season and retailers are looking forward to year-end sales that make up almost 20% of their annual receipts. But as you check out at a store or click “purchase…
For sighted users, a website looks no different whether it is accessible or not, but users with visual disabilities know all too soon when they are unable to use it. Coles home page screenshot

Oh the irony! Retailers blind to discrimination and lost business

A blind woman has launched a claim of unlawful discrimination against Coles and its online website. For those of us who are totally blind and working in the disability law space this lawsuit is no surprise…
It’s a physical struggle in these skirts, but we always shop in store. Haute Couture News

Chanel opts out of fashion’s love affair with online shopping

In the world of luxury fashion, Chanel stands apart from the crowd. But it’s not the designs that make it different. The French luxury brand is one of the last few major labels that does not sell its clothes…
Lush’s gripe with Amazon is an explosive issue and it’s not just about ethics. firepile

We might regret backing Lush over Amazon in trade mark wars

The ongoing battle between cosmetics company Lush and internet retailer Amazon is starting to give off a distinctly unsavoury odour. At the beginning, many supported plucky little Lush as it sought to…
Online retail continues to grow, despite the shadow of cybercrime. Dolinski/Flickr

Easy Target? The shadow hanging over online retail

The recent hack and subsequent data loss by US retailer Target involved the personal information of at least 70 million customers, including names, phone numbers, email and mailing addresses. It follows…
Not exactly where you’d imagine e-commerce to be booming, but rural China has embraced online retail platforms for cheaper supplies and extra income. EPA/Micahel Reynolds

The social side of e-commerce: lessons from rural China

Every year, for the foreseeable future, another 30 million Chinese will go online to shop, according to a new Boston Consulting Group report. Pushed by a government-subsidised rollout of internet – and…
Overseas based online retailers are far more innovative in coming up with ways to keep customers clicking. BBC

Doing it better? Overseas online retailers aisles ahead

All the signs are there that Australian retailers are not investing enough in their online operations. More than A$24 billion was spent online during the 12 months to March 2013, with Australian online…
Data protection may soon come at a price. Randomskk

Hard evidence: how much is your data worth to you?

Data privacy is on our minds like never before. In a relatively small amount of time many of us have gone from carrying out our daily transactions in person to conducting them digitally. We pay energy…
The federal government has come under increasing pressure to lower the GST threshold for online purchases as sales continue to rise and revenue continues to be lost. AAP/Alan Porritt

States' push for GST on online shopping is just small change

Both Labor and Coalition states are pushing the federal government to extend the GST to more online purchases as they look for additional sources of revenue. And while the Coalition had promised no changes…
David Jones has seen online sales grow 1000% since launching its omnichannel strategy, but online sales still only represent 1% of total sales. AAP/Jeremy Piper

Australian retailers online: late to the party and much to do

Australian consumers are embracing digital commerce, but Australian retailers are failing to build long-term relationships with their customers online, according to new research. More than 50% of Australians…
David Jones plans to reinforce its position as a high-end retailer by downsizing stores and focusing on customer service. AAP

From little things big things grow: what’s in store for DJ’s strategy?

The recent proclamation by David Jones CEO Paul Zahra that traditional department stores are likely to become smaller, fashion-focused and devoid of low-margin items reflects the various competitive influences…
While the Federal Government may argue changing the GST threshold on online purchases is an equity measure, it’s likely to be viewed by many as an exercise in shoring up the federal budget. Online shopping picture sourced from

There are better options than expanding the GST net to online sales

The Federal Government is tipped to be eyeing the online world in a bid to shore up­ collapsing federal tax revenues. This move has more to do with squeezing “little areas” to get more tax, and ensure…
The lowering of the tax-free threshold on online purchases is stomping on the long tail of retail. DGaston7564

Online GST push places an unfair burden on pop culture lovers

Will the long tail of the internet be docked by the fastidious imposition of GST to online purchases? Australian retailers have been lobbying the federal government to up the ante on online GST by lowering…
Is Gerry Harvey feeling the heat over his online retail strategy - or are his comments simply a reflection of playing to several audiences? AAP

You talkin’ to me? Gerry Harvey’s one-man, online retail debate

Gerry Harvey is great media talent. When I first became interested in online retail, I almost immediately became interested in Gerry. As far back as 2000, Gerry told ninemsn on a live chat forum “that…
Australians love shopping online: so retailers must get to grips with the concept. AAP

The great online shopping debate — how the locals can win

Australians are among the most enthusiastic online shoppers in the world. Our most recent survey, published in the CCi Digital Futures report, The Internet in Australia 2012, has found a quarter of Australian…
Some retailers want a GST applied to all goods Australians buy from overseas, but experts say it would cost too much to implement. AAP

New GST for online shoppers unlikely, experts say

A GST on imported goods valued under $1000 is unlikely say tax experts, despite a government taskforce suggesting “in principle…

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