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Hiptastic celebrations from the Colombian team. Robert Ghement/EPA

The pageantry, performance and publicity of goal celebrations

The 2014 World Cup has been a tournament of goals galore – and with every goal comes a celebration. We’re now used to displays of individual and team pageantry with goal celebrations and they can sometimes…
Where brands would previously compete with no-frills brands, now they produce them as part of a new strategy. AAP/Daniel Munoz

No-frills alternatives are helping our favourite brands survive

Only a few years ago jokes about home brand products were quite common. Having a blue and white or red and white dinner meant enjoying generic brand fare that night around the table. But the recent intensification…
It’s a physical struggle in these skirts, but we always shop in store. Haute Couture News

Chanel opts out of fashion’s love affair with online shopping

In the world of luxury fashion, Chanel stands apart from the crowd. But it’s not the designs that make it different. The French luxury brand is one of the last few major labels that does not sell its clothes…
Lego is fighting back against a virtual onslaught. Village Roadshow

Brand connection and The Lego Movie – what’s going on?

Thanks to the release of The Lego Movie – which opened in the US to huge acclaim on February 7 – the Danish toy company looks set to extend its “brand connection” to generations of families, even further…
Airport lounges, loved by frequent flyers, don’t necessarily engender brand loyalty. Richard Moross/Flickr

Airline lounge war could prove futile for Qantas and Virgin

Recently Qantas and Virgin have been fighting a war for “high value” corporate contracts by refurbishing their invitation-only lounges. But is this a wise strategy? The airline industry has long been stuck…
Many commentators criticised Tony Abbott’s ‘female-lite’ frontbench last week. How might it affect his carefully managed and marketed ‘brand’ from the campaign trail? AAP/Lukas Coch

Marketing political brands: passionate punters need consistent messaging

In the last week, a number of political commentators have argued that newly-minted prime minister Tony Abbott’s frontbench is decidedly low on women. There is only one woman in Cabinet and an additional…
A marketing triumph: Red Bull’s space diving project made headlines around the globe. AAP

Newsjacking: a fad or the future for marketing?

A newsworthy event is happening right now. And another, and another — it never ends. This is vital not just for feeding our 24-hour news cycle and hungry media corporations, but increasingly also for marketers…
Battle of the smartphones: the Apple iPhone IV and the Samsung Galaxy II . AAP

Spot the difference: brand power and the rise of the copycats

Don’t worry — you’re not seeing double. Everything looks the same … well, certainly in mass market products such as consumer electronics. The high profile litigation between Apple and Samsung is just one…
Sweet victory: Cadbury now has the right to the trademark for the distinctive shade of purple it uses for the packaging of its chocolate. AAP

Trademark victory allows Cadbury to retain its purple reign

Can you own a colour, a name, or a sound? Those questions have been highlighted again in the UK, where there has been another outbreak of litigation about “Cadbury Purple”. Australian trademark law, like…
We’re with the brand: how do we judge authenticity online with so many fakers hiding behind the screen? Image sourced from

Please RT: protecting your brand is no mean tweet amid a flurry of fake accounts

I am the FakeMarkRolfe telling you that all FakeMarkRolfes on Twitter are liars. And so is the real Mark Rolfe @Marcjohnr. I’ve started with a variation of the old liar’s paradox, not to explore logic…
Qantas will now have to work very hard to persuade people to trust their brand again. AAP

We’re hopping mad now, so how will Qantas win us back?

In 2011, brand is everything in the corporate world. While the rest of the business operations are considered a cost, marketing makes money. And central to so much of modern marketing is the brand, built…
Kevin Rudd used to manage his brand well, but was toppled after an advertising campaign against him. AAP/YouTube

Democracy is dead, long live political marketing

MEDIA & DEMOCRACY: Today, Andrew Hughes looks at how voters have become consumers of political marketing, as part of The Conversation’s week-long series on how the media influences the way our representatives…

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