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Since 1996, the University has focused his teaching and interdisciplinary research to find solutions to current problems, and ranks among the best universities in Madrid for excellence academic programs and international scientific quality.

Study URJC provides a learning environment and a life aimed at promoting the work and talent campus. In URJC you can develop your potential and have a comprehensive, international, professional and humanistic education.

Located in Madrid, the facilities and infrastructure of the campuses of Aranjuez, Alcorcón, Fuenlabrada, Madrid and Móstoles encorauge the university life and an academic environment-oriented to research, innovation and learning.


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Una de las reivindicaciones del movimiento 15-M fue la mejora de la calidad del empleo. Flickr

Así es hoy el mercado laboral: Seis preguntas y sus respuestas

Nuestra fuerte tasa de paro, 15,28%, no es sólo producto de la crisis. De forma estructural o permanente en el tiempo, España sistemáticamente posee un desempleo más elevado que sus socios europeos.
The world’s driest areas are tipped to get even drier, with potentially worrying implications for soil productivity.

If the world’s soils keep drying out that’s bad news for microbes (and people)

The world's 'drylands' – already home to 38% of the world's people – are set to dry out even more. And that could harm the soil microbes that keep soils healthy and help crops to grow.

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