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Do selfies belong at funerals? Daniel Incandela

Death and the selfie: welcome to a grave new world

Funerals increasingly employ digital media; and a growing body of research addresses the intersection of digital culture and traditional memorialising practices. Commonly-used digital media include PowerPoint…
When Madonna posted a selfie of a hairy armpit, she attracted hostile responses. Why? Instagram

The truth about Madonna’s hairy armpits and sexy older women

In 1978, the cover of Patti Smith’s album Easter was sufficiently shocking and mystifying to many people that some US record stores, especially in the south, according to Smith, refused to display it…
“Having a really hard time at the office today.” What can you believe in social media? Apuch

Study shows concern over use of social media data in research

For researchers, social media is a veritable goldmine of opportunity. Every day, reams and reams of naturally occurring data are produced by users of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. At any given moment…
Double-duckface-synchronised-selfie. Very fresh, very now. Chris Gansen

Note to selfie: you’re more than just a narcissist’s plaything

We truly live in a digital age. The “selfie”, has been announced by the Oxford English Dictionary as this year’s most popular word and, by me, as this year’s most unremarkable word. This new-found trend…
Instagram’s revised terms and conditions may or may not be good for your image. Philippe Moreau Chevrolet

You’ve been framed: putting you in the picture with the Instagram deal

Instagram’s announcement yesterday of a new set of terms and conditions has elicited a backlash from many of its 100 million users, with many vowing to ditch the service before the changes take effect…

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