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Compromising E-commerce sites has become the bread and butter of many hackers.

Hackers hit Steam: is it time to open the Valve on e-commerce regulation?

One of the world’s largest online video gaming networks, Steam, has been hacked and its 35 million users may have had their accounts “compromised”. And yes, “compromised” means their (encrypted) credit…

Violent videogames change self-perception

New research has found evidence that playing violent video games leads players to see themselves, and their opponents, as…
Australia’s classification system has been updated to ensure the audience can judge whether content is appropriate for them. Flickr/kennymatic

Bringing media classification into the digital era

Media classification in Australia is being dragged into the digital world. At the moment it’s based on analog legislation, unsuited for today’s convergent media. But proposals unveiled today will transform…
Painting gamers as “exotic others” is one of three main tropes used in the media. Jim D

‘Gamers’ tag is a poor fit, whichever way you Foldit

The phrases “real world scientific progress” and “the power of online games” are strange bedfellows. Yet surprisingly, they found themselves thrust together in the media last week due to the publication…
Look around: the profile of gamers has changed dramatically in recent years. awee_19

Video gamers kill cinema box office – suspects young, old, male, female

Ever heard the one about the morbidly obese (and probably mentally unbalanced and somehow dangerous) teenage “gamers” locked in their bedrooms playing online computer games? Turns out, they’re really wealthy…
The average Australian gamer is now more than 30 years old. RodrigoFavera

Video game classification? It’s time we all grew up

After many years of debate and deliberation Australia might finally be about to receive an R18+ rating for video games. On July 21 and 22 the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) meeting will…
Are adult gamers being unfairly targeted by the current classification system? Sibeckham/Flickr

Fair game? Why we should back an R18+ classification

If you are in any way exposed to computer games on a regular basis, it won’t have escaped your attention that Australia does not have an R18+ classification for video games. This is particularly strange…

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