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The videogame classification scheme was revised to better protect minors from inappropriate content. Ian Muttoo

R18+ rating added for videogames … but are children protected?

New guidelines for the classification of videogames have been released by Federal Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare and, despite being a step in the right direction, the revisions are largely disappointing…
Could you survive if the world was overrun by undead? DayZ

Surviving the zombie apocalypse: the DayZ experiment

Amid the resurgent popularity of zombies in recent years – think The Walking Dead, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Shaun of the Dead and so on – the 2011 publication of Dan Drezner’s Theories of International…
Historically, strong competitors have had greater access to both resources and mates. studio.catastrophe

Videogames: helping human evolution since 1983

Of all violent videogames, first-person shooters are viewed as the biggest problem because of the perspective taken during gaming: the first-person standpoint makes it seem as if the player is performing…
The supposed link between videogames and violence is riddled with holes. Rudy Lara

Bite the bullet: videogames don’t make deadly shooters

Is there an explicit link between playing violent videogames and becoming a deadly killer? If we are to take seriously a new study published in the journal Communication Research, there seems to be. Cue…
The fact a pleasurable behaviour is done to excess does not necessarily mean it’s an addiction. PhotoCatcher

Videogame addiction – fact or fantasy?

I am a Warcraft widow, an affectionate term given to those who have “lost” a partner to World of Warcraft (WoW) as a result of excessive game-playing. I have first-hand experience of the way games such…
The boundary between the military and everyday life is being eroded by videogames.

Anders Breivik, videogames and the militarisation of society

The ongoing trial of Norwegian right-wing extremist Anders Breivik has generated a great deal of media coverage, public debate and analysis. Much of this has focused on claims made by Breivik that he used…
Playing violent games didn’t make Anders Breivik a mass-murderer. alessio.sartore

Videogames, aggression, Anders Breivik – let’s not join the dots

“Violent videogames cause people to become violent in real life”. It’s a familiar refrain for anyone who has read a newspaper in the last 15 years. Today, the media reporting surrounding the trial of accused…
People have always sent each other letters, but now they can be worth “triple words”. Brandice Schnabel

Words With Friends, Draw Something … are you addicted to social gaming?

They are everywhere: people in cafés or supermarket queues, staring at their smartphones with determined concentration, occasionally shuffling yellow tiles of letters to use all of them in a killer move…
Do confusing videogame controllers prevent you from gaming? They shouldn’t. Jeff the Trojan

Everyone’s invited … so why aren’t more of us gaming?

To the uninitiated, videogames have a bit of a reputation for being a difficult media form. A control pad, for such people, can be a cold and grey device covered with alien buttons, intimidating and unwelcoming…
The gaming industry’s decade-long journey might soon be over. Bethesda Softworks

R18+ classification for videogames … the quest continues

Late last week Federal Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare introduced a bill to parliament that takes Australia one step closer to an R18+ classification for videogames. No sooner had the classification…

Videogame tech enables cancer insights

Scientists at Wake Forest University are using the same graphics processing units (GPUs) found in video game devices to simulate…
Is it time to take your working life to another level? Holly Ford Brown

Gamification status: you score ten points for reading this article

A white paper was released this week stating that “Gen Y” employees could be better engaged and motivated by applying “game dynamics” to the workplace. Bunchball, the company behind the paper, would say…

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