Women-focused capital financing is supposedly aimed at ending the corporate gender gap. But many equity investors, still largely high-net-worth men, still view women entrepreneurs as being deficient — and are practising what’s known as pinkwashing. (Shutterstock)

The truth about women-focused capital funds

John Marrion depicted here was part of the 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot. The 104th soldiers once snowshoed over a thousand kilometres in about fifty days during the War of 1812. Beaverbrook Collection of War Art/Canadian War Museum/CWM 19810948-008 (NO REUSE)

Black History Month

Black snowshoers trekked 1,000 km in 1813

It’s possible to lower the risks in adventure tourism to make it safer but legislators are grappling with the question of how to regulate the experience without killing the excitement. (Shutterstock)

Snowmobile tragedy leads to questions about adventure tourism

The rise in adventure tourism is prompting a close examination of how to regulate it. But how to regulate risk without killing the adventure?
Laser surgery is performed successfully in 95 per cent of cases but the operation can turn into a nightmare requiring complex treatments because it is a new, poorly documented field in medicine. Shutterstock

The enormous toll of bad laser surgery

Laser surgery is touted as a good way to get rid of eyeglasses, but not everyone is suited for it. Plenty of research should be done before taking the plunge.
Love makes us healthier. And yet policy-makers around the world separate children from loving parents, demonize same-sex love and promote labour migration that splits up families. Why? (Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash)

Valentine's Day

Love is healthy, so why do lawmakers break us up?

This Valentine's Day, governments around the world need to reflect on how laws and public policies may undermine people’s capacity to love and be loved — and the long-term costs of lost love.
Writing cards, notes and love letters contributes to well-being and happiness. (Shutterstock)

Valentine's Day

Handwritten valentines create legacy of love

Handwritten letters enhance relationships among people of all ages, and help children become empowered and inspired through the power of the pen.
Understanding how the computations in the brain go wrong could help scientists develop treatments for neurological disorders. (Shutterstock)

Artificial brains help us learn about real ones

The knowledge produced in designing and developing artificial neural networks may provide new insights into how our brains work.
Stereotypes of AsianAmerican men mean they can have a hard time in the online dating world. (Phuoc Le/Unsplash)

Asian guys stereotyped, excluded in online dating

A large body of sociological research has found that in North America, young Asian men are twice as likely as Asian women to be single.
Some mindfulness programs are trying to bring mindfulness to under-served communities and youth in crisis. (Shutterstock)

Mindfulness moves from self-help to community

As the practice of mindfulness grows, more thought needs to be given to how it can be used in under-served communities
Kevin Vickers, former House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms, receives the Star of Courage at Rideau Hall from Gov. Gen. David Johnston in February 2016 to pay tribute to security services members who responded to the 2014 shooting on Parliament Hill. Vickers was lauded as a hero. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

Calling survivors ‘heroes’ misses the big picture

We do a disservice to survivors of major tragedies when we call them "heroes." Instead, we should change our policies and attitudes to help them truly survive the disaster.
‘Small Game Hunting at the Local Coward Gun Club,’ is an extraordinary debut novel set on Valentine’s Day in St. John’s during a blizzard. (House of Anansi Press)

Novel asserts that love means we #BelieveWomen

The novel is timely in light of the fact that, increasingly, readers are invited to consider what responsibilities they need to assume in the face of women's disclosures about their life stories.
Generation Z has been maligned as the hook-up generation. But is this what they want? Shutterstock

Gen Z prefers casual hookups

This Valentine's Day, a researcher reveals some insights after conducting interviews with young university undergrads to explore their sex lives, dating and intimacy.
Research suggests that couples who exercise together, stay together. (Shutterstock)

Exercise your way to a better relationship

In addition to its health and fitness benefits, exercise can also give your relationship a boost – especially if you exercise together.
In this March 2018 photo, Venezuelan children wait for a meal at a migrant shelter set up in Boa Vista, Roraima state, Brazil. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres)

We should emulate Brazil’s refugee policies

If Brazil can find an efficient, pragmatic way to welcome, protect and integrate hundreds of thousands of forced migrants arriving at its border, so can more affluent states.
Joseph Morales and company in ‘Hamilton,’ the musical that opens to sold out shows in Toronto this month. The show highlights early ambition in America. (Hamilton national tour/Joan Marcus)

‘Hamilton,’ the musical, now in Canada

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s blockbuster portrayal of Alexander Hamilton, one of the most colourful founding fathers, opens this month in Toronto.
Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce star in ‘The Two Popes.’ (Netflix)


Troubling exclusions in ‘The Two Popes’

A scholar of the history of education and Catholic women's religious teaching reflects on troubling silences in 'The Two Popes.'
Saoirse Ronan, from left, Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig are seen in the audience at the Oscars on Feb. 9, 2020, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)


‘Little Women’ Oscar snub shows limits of Hollywood feminism

Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women gives us perhaps the most explicitly feminist take to date on the classic novel, highlighting the value of women’s joy and labour.
Marcella Zoia, seen here leaving a Toronto court house, has pleaded guilty to a charge of mischief endangering life after throwing a chair from a balcony of a high-rise condo. .THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

What Freud tells us about Chair Girl – and ourselves

The woman known as Chair Girl is reviled not because of her impulsive, foolish crime, but because of how her mistake unexpectedly propelled her to instant internet stardom.
PFAS are a class of about 5,000 compounds found in firefighting foam, flame retardants and non-stick cookware. (Shutterstock)

Why ‘forever chemicals’ must be banned

Researchers continue to find PFAS-contaminated sites and waterways. Perhaps it is time to consider wider bans on these persistent chemicals.

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